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Divisional Badge of the 51st (Highland) Division

The 51st (Highland) Division is a mechanized infantry division in the British Army that was formed in the late 1930s and took part in World War II. It currently serves as part of the British contingent of Allied Forces Canada.


In the wake of the change of power in the (then-) United Kingdom an expansion of the Services, so far money and manpower would allow and in spring 1939 several Highland Units of the Territorial Army were taken and formed the 51st (Highland) Division was formed as a unit of the Territorial Army, and was assigned to the second wave of the British Expeditonary Force.



Notable Commanders[]

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51st (Highland) Division
Country British Empire
Active 1939 -
Branch British Army (Formed as Territorial unit, regular from 1940)
Current Status Active, I (BR) Corps, 8th Army, 21st Army Group

Allied Forces Canada

Type Mechanized Infantry
Engagements Battle of Belgium, Operation Dynamo, Lybian Campaign, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Gothic Line, Venice Campaign, Battle of Klagenfurt, Battle of Vienna, Danube Crossing, Battle of Nuremberg, Battle of Munich, Allied Berlin Campaign, Battle of the Government District