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Comet tanks of the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 11th Armoured Division, crossing the Weser at Petershagen.

The A34 Comet was a British medium tank that first saw use in the middle of the Second World War. It was designed as an improvement on the earlier Cromwell tank, mounting the new Vickers 77mm/50-caliber HV gun in a new lower profile and part-cast turret. This gun was effective against late war German tanks, including the Panther.

Comet, which was a development of the Cromwell, rendered the Challenger obsolete, and led to the development of the Centurion tank. Its 77mm gun was superior to the 75mm/70-caliber KwK 42 gun of the Panther when firing APDS rounds.

The tank was widely respected as one of the best British tanks of the war, and continued in service afterwards. As a development of the Cromwell, it was an interim design before the Centurion tank. It remained in British service until 1958. In some cases, Comets sold to other countries continued to operate into the 1980s.