The AIM-95 Agile was an air-to-air missile developed by the Union of American People's Republics. It was developed by the American People's Navy to equip the F-14 Tomcat, replacing the AIM-9 Sidewinder. Around the same time, the American People's Army Air Force was designing the AIM-82 to equip their F-15 Eagle, and later dropped their efforts to join the Agile program. The AIM-95 Agile entered service in 1980.

The AIM-95 was developed at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center as an advanced replacement for the AIM-9 Sidewinder short range air-to-air missile. The Agile was equipped with an infrared seeker for fire and forget operation. The seeker head had a high off-boresight lock-on capability capable of being targeted by a Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS), allowing it to be fired at targets which were not directly ahead—thus making it far easier to achieve a firing position. The solid-propellant rocket used thrust vectoring for control giving it superior turning capability over the Sidewinder.

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