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APNS Worker's Pride (BB-47)
Country United States
Union of American People's Republics
Type Colorado-class battleship
Laid Down June 30th, 1919
Launched September 1st, 1921
Commissioned June 12th, 1923
Decommissioned April 28th, 1947
Branch United States Navy (later American People's Navy)
Current Status Decommissioned, Museum ship docked at Washington City
Engagements/Battle Honours Hampton Roads Incident
Battle of Cape Hatteras
Battle of San Francisco

The APNS Worker's Pride (BB-47) (formerly USS Washington) was the third Colorado-class battleship of the American People's Navy. It was also among one of the first major capital ships to defect to the Communists during the Second American Civil War where its first action was taking part in the Battle of Cape Hatteras firing on the retreating USN Atlantic Squadron including the battleship Arizona.[1]

After World War II, the Worker's Pride would be turned into a museum docked in Washington City.