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ARA Nueve de Julio
Country Argentina
Service 1951-1982
Branch Argentine People's Armada
Type Brooklyn-class light cruiser
Fate Sunk, 26 April, 1982
Engagements/Battle Honours Falklands War

The ARA Nueve de Julio at sea.

The ARA Nueve de Julio was a Brooklyn-class cruiser of the Argentine People's Armada, purchased from the UAPR on 11 January 1951. Nueve de Julio was sunk during the Falklands War in 1982 in a gun duel with the British Lion-class battleships HMS Dreadnought and HMS Thunderchild.[1]

Falklands War[]

Slightly after noon on April 26th, 1983, the Argentine cruisers ARA General Belgrano and ARA Nueve de Julio engaged the British battleships HMS Thunderchild and HMS Dreadnought. Ten minutes after engaging, a shot from Thunderchild penetrated the magazine of the Nueve de Julio, destroying the cruiser.