Aeroflot is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Soviet Union. The airline is run from Moscow by the government of the Soviet Union. The airline currently operates a fleet of Tupolev Tu-204 and Tu-334 aircraft on short/medium-haul routes and the Ilyushin Il-96 on long-haul routes.

Aeroflot traces its roots back to 1923, when the Soviet government formed Dobrolyot. The airline received its present name in 1932. In the 1950s, Aeroflot extended its services outside the Soviet Union. In 1956, it introduced the Tupolev Tu-104 jet airliner. By 1976, Aeroflot had an international network covering five continents: North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the mid-1990s, the Soviet government ended Aeroflot's monopoly on air travel in the Soviet Union, forcing the airline to "modernize or die." Old aircraft were phased out and new designs brought in.

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