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The Aichi Prefecture (愛知県 Aichi-ken) is a prefecture of West Japan located in the Chubu Region. The region of Aichi is also known as the Tōkai region. The capital is Nagoya. It is the focus of the Chūkyō Metropolitan Area. The Aichi Prefecture has a population of 6,667,776. Aichi Prefecture along with the Gifu and Toyama prefectues makes up West Japan's border with East Japan.


Located near the center of the Japanese main island of Honshu, Aichi Prefecture faces the Ise and Mikawa Bays to the south and borders Chubu Province of the People's Republic of Japan to the east and northeast, Gifu Prefecture to the north, and Mie Prefecture to the west. It measures 106 km east to west and 94 km south to north and forms a major portion of the Nōbi Plain. With an area of 5,153.81 km2 it accounts for approximately 1.36% of the total surface area of Japan. The highest spot is Chausuyama at 1,415 m above sea level.

The western part of the prefecture is dominated by Nagoya, West Japan's third largest city, and its suburbs, while the eastern part is less densely populated but still contains several major industrial centers. Due to its robust economy, for the period from October 2005 to October 2006, Aichi was the fastest growing prefecture in terms of population, beating Tokyo, at 7.4 per cent.

As of April 1, 2012, 17% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Aichi Kōgen, Hida-Kisogawa, Mikawa Wan, and Tenryū-Okumikawa Quasi-National Parks along with seven Prefectural Natural Parks

Cities and Towns[]


  • Aisai
  • Ama
  • Anjō
  • Chiryū
  • Chita
  • Gamagōri
  • Handa
  • Hekinan
  • Ichinomiya
  • Inazawa

  • Inuyama
  • Iwakura
  • Kariya
  • Kasugai
  • Kitanagoya
  • Kiyosu
  • Komaki
  • Kōnan
  • Miyoshi
  • Nagakute

  • Nagoya (capital)
  • Nishio
  • Nisshin
  • Okazaki
  • Obu
  • Owariasahi
  • Seto
  • Shinshiro
  • Tahara
  • Takahama

  • Tokoname
  • Tōkai
  • Toyoake
  • Toyohashi
  • Toyokawa
  • Toyota
  • Tsushima
  • Yatomi


  • Aichi District
    • Tōgō
  • Ama District
    • Kanie
    • Ōharu
    • Tobishima

  • Chita District
    • Agui
    • Higashiura
    • Mihama
    • Minamichita
    • Taketoyo

  • Kitashitara District
    • Shitara
    • Tōei
    • Toyone
  • Nishikasugai District
    • Toyoyama

  • Niwa District
    • Fusō
    • Ōguchi
  • Nukata District
    • Kōta