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The Italian corvette RM Albatros (F 542) in port.

The Albatros-class was a class of nine corvettes designed and built in Italy in the 1950s. Paid for by British funds, they were operated by Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. The last ships of the class were retired from service in Italy in 1991.

Unit Run[]

Regia Marina[]

  • RM Albatros (F 542)
  • RM Aquila (F 543)
  • RM Alcione (F 544)
  • RM Airone (F 545)

Royal Danish Navy[]

  • HDMS Bellona (F 344)
  • HDMS Diana (F 345)
  • HDMS Flora (F346)
  • HDMS Triton (F 347)

Royal Netherlands Navy[]

  • HNLMS Lynx (F 923)