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Allied Forces Canada or AFCAN is the name of the Allied Pact mission which oversees military forces in and around Canada. It is the largest Allied Pact mission by a significant margin, including Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Forces units from 25 countries and with deployments over almost 9,000 km of the Iron Curtain and in many Canadian cities. In the event of war with the Wake Island Association, it is expected that Canada would be the primary battlefield.

AFCAN was created in 1953, with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. It is divided into four smaller commands: AFCAN-EAST, responsible for Newfoundland, the Maritimes, and Quebec; AFCAN-SOUTH, responsible for Ontario and Manitoba; AFCAN-WEST, responsible for Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia; and AFCAN-NORTH, responsible for the northern parts of the provinces and Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

The largest contributor to Allied Forces Canada is Canada itself, followed by the British Empire, Germany, Australia and Italy.