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Allied Forces Indonesia or AFIND was the name of the unified Allied Pact command structure for the multinational military forces supporting the Republic of Indonesia during and after the Indonesian Civil War. In 1972, after six years of intense guerrilla warfare, the United Front of Communist forces in Indonesia and the surrounding areas launched several large-scale assaults on government forces and took over large parts of the area, prompting the Indonesian government to request military aid from the Allied Pact.

On October 25th, 1972, the Allied Pact agreed to help the Indonesian government and organized Allied Forces Indonesia as a unified command under primarily British leadership.

On November 1st, 1972, Allied Pact combat operations began, with troops first arriving from nearby British Malaya, Dutch West Timor, Australian New Guinea and the Philippines, which were all locations of combat throughout the war.

Troops from other countries of the Allied Pact followed in rapid succession; Vietnam, Canada, Poland, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Romania, and Spain. Other countries supplied medical personnel and set up hospitals. Timor-Leste, another country in the area, also integrated its military forces into AFIND, though it was not a member of the Allied Pact and has not since joined.