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The roundel of the APAAF.

The American People's Army Air Force (APAAF), sometimes known as the American Air Force (AAF) is the military aviation arm of the Union of American People's Republics. The AAF is a component of the American People's Army, which is divided functionally into three autonomous forces: the Army Ground Forces, the Services of Supply, and the APAAF. Each of these forces has a commanding general who reports directly to the People's Commissar For The Army. The AAF administers all parts of military aviation which, in the United States, were distributed among the Army Air Corps, General Headquarters Air Force, and ground forces corps area commanders. In practice, the AAF is virtually autonomous inside the Army.

The APAAF is the second largest military aviation service in the world, after the Royal Air Force.

Aircraft of the APAAF[]

A - Ground attack[]

B - Bomber[]

C - Cargo transport[]

E - Electronic warfare[]

F - Air superiority fighter[]

H - Search-and-rescue[]

K - Tanker[]

M - Multi-mission[]

  • BAF MC-130/12j "Commando"
  • WAF MC-12/09a "Liberty"

O - Observer[]

  • LBAF OC-135/93b "Open Skies"

R - Reconnaissance[]

T - Trainer[]