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The Archer-class (or P2000) is a class of patrol and training vessel in service with the British Empire's Royal Navy, commonly referred to as a Fast Training Boat. Most are assigned to University Royal Naval Units, although HMS Tracker and HMS Raider are armed and provide maritime force protection to high value shipping in the Firth of Clyde.

Unit Run[]

  • HMS Archer (P264)
  • HMS Example (P265)
  • HMS Biter (P270)
  • HMS Explorer (P271)
  • HMS Smiter (P272)
  • HMS Pursuer (P273)
  • HMS Tracker (P274)
  • HMS Raider (P275)
  • HMS Express (P276)
  • HMS Exploit (P277)
  • HMS Ranger (P278)
  • HMS Blazer (P279)
  • HMS Dasher (P280)
  • HMS Puncher (P281)
  • HMS Charger (P282)
  • HMS Trumpeter (P283)