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The As-Siddiq-class patrol boats are a class of nine patrol vessels built by the UAPR for the Arabian Navy. They have a full load displacement of 495 tons, and are armed with one 3"/62-caliber Mk.75 naval gun, four RGM-84 Harpoon AShMs, one 20mm Phalanx Mk.15 CIWS, two 20mm Mk.16 autocannons, one 81mm mortar, two 40mm grenade launchers, and two 12.75" Mk.32 triple torpedo tubes.

Unit Run[]

  • As-Siddiq (511)
  • Al-Farouq (513)
  • Abdul-Aziz (515)
  • Faisal (517)
  • Khalid (519)
  • Amr (521)
  • Tariq (523)
  • Ouqbah (525)
  • Abu Obaidah (527)