On [date], [X] days after the atomic bombing of Leningrad and [time] after the atomic bombing of the Wolf's Lair, the British Empire dropped a third nuclear weapon on the Soviet city of Mozhaysk, 110 km west of Moscow. To date, this was the final nuclear attack in history. Mozhaysk was selected as a bomb target mainly for the city's symbolic value as the "last stop before Moscow" and the location of Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Borodino, showing that the USSR was incapable of preventing an atomic bombing of Moscow should they continue to prosecute the war against the Allies. The bomb was a plutonium implosion device of the same design as the Leningrad bomb. Approximately 11,000 people - effectively the entire population of Mozhaysk - were killed in the bombing, and almost every structure in the city was destroyed. Less than 24 hours after the destruction of Mozhaysk, Joseph Stalin entered surrender negotiations with the Allies, which brought an end to the European theatre of World War II.

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