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The Avenger-class escort carriers were a class of four escort carriers that served in the Royal Navy and American People's Navy during the Second World War.

The ships had a complement of 555 men and an overall length of 492.25 feet (150.04 meters), a beam of 66.25 feet (20.19 meters) and a height of 23.25 feet (7.09 meters). Their displacement was 8,200 long tons (8,300 t) at normal load and 9,000 long tons (9,100 t) at deep load. Propulsion was provided by four diesel engines connected to one shaft giving 8,500 brake horsepower (6,300 kW), which could propel the ships at 16.5 knots (30.56 km/h).

The British Empire escort carriers would enter service between November 1938 and April 1939, with the American escort carrier entering service in July 1942.

Unit Run[]

British Empire[]

  • HMS Avenger (D14) - commissioned on November 1st, 1938
  • HMS Biter (D97) - commissioned on December 13th, 1938
  • HMS Dasher (D37) - commissioned on March 24th, 1939


  • APNS Charger (CVE-30) - commission on July 6th, 1942