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The Avro Canada CF-116 Flechette was a twin engine fighter in service in the Canadian Air Force and Navy from the 1960s to the mid-2000s as a secondary trainer aircraft. The Flechette is used as a light fighter and advanced trainer for several air forces around the world. The project was headed up be Avro Canada vice president Edgar Schmued who had also worked on previous Canadian aircraft including the CF-51 Mustang, CF-100 Canuck, and CF-105 Arrow.

It was powered by a pair of Orenda Aerospace PS.12 Nootka afterburning turbojets which produced 4,600 lbf of dry thrust on 6,900 lbf on the afterburners. The CF-116 were also armed with a pair of 20mm cannons and Velvet Glove air-to-air missiles.

The RCAF would operate 232 CF-116s of which 168 were one seat CF-116As and 64 were two seat CF-116Bs.