The Basset-class of Admiralty trawlers was a class of trawlers built for the British Royal Navy prior to the outbreak of Second World War. The vessels were intended for use as mine-sweepers and for anti-submarine warfare, and the design was based on commercial types, adapted for naval use. The purpose of the order was to make use of specialist mercantile shipyards to provide vessels for war use by adapting commercial designs to Admiralty specifications.

Orders were placed at shipyards in Britain, Canada and India for the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Indian Navy.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

Royal Navy[edit | edit source]

  • HMS Basset (T68)
  • HMS Mastiff (T10)

Royal Indian Navy[edit | edit source]

  • HMIS Rampur (T212)
  • HMIS Baroda (T249)
  • HMIS Shillong (T250)
  • HMIS Cuttack (T251)
  • HMIS Lahore (T253)
  • HMIS Agra (T254)
  • HMIS Patna (T255)
  • HMIS Berar (T256)
  • HMIS Nasik (T258)
  • HMIS Poona (T260)
  • HMIS Amritsar (T261)
  • HMIS Karachi (T262)
  • HMIS Peshawar (T263)
  • HMIS Ahmedabad (T264)
  • HMIS Lucknow (T267)
  • HMIS Madura (T268)
  • HMIS Nagpur (T269)
  • HMIS Travancore (T312)
  • HMIS Cochin (T315)
  • HMIS Multan (T322)
  • HMIS Quetta (T332)
  • HMIS Calcutta (T339)
  • HMIS Calcutta (T339)

Royal Canadian Navy[edit | edit source]

See Fundy-class

  • HMCS Fundy
  • HMCS Nanoose
  • HMCS Gaspe
  • HMCS Comox
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