The Battle of Turku was a World War II naval battle between the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper of the Nazi Kriegsmarine and the coastal defence ship Ilmarinen of the Finnish Navy which occurred in waters near the Finnish city of Turku on June 25, 1945. The Admiral Hipper, one of Germany's few remaining capital ships, had been raiding commerce in Finnish waters since Finland was invaded late in 1944. Finnish forces were mostly focused against the Soviet Navy in the Gulf of Finland, so Ilmarinen was sent out alone. In the late morning of June 25, Ilmarinen was spotted by Admiral Hipper, and the two engaged. The Finnish ship used her greater mobility in the shallow, island-studded waters and her greater knowledge of the terrain to outmanoeuvre the German cruiser. Eventually, the Admiral Hipper became grounded on a sandbar and listed to starboard, allowing the Ilmarinen to approach from the port side and shell the Krigsmarine ship without fear of retaliation. Admiral Hipper managed to free herself from the sandbar, but was heavily damaged and only managed to limp to deeper waters before her captain ordered her to be scuttled. Most of the surviving crew were picked up by Ilmarinen and became POWs for the remainder of the war.

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