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An A-6/71e aircraft from attack squadron VA-65 Tigers on August 1st 1983. VA-65 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing 7 (CVW-7) abroad the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier APNS Red March (CVN-14).

The Bethpage AF A-6/63 (Allied Pact reporting name Intruder) was an American, twin jet-engine, mid-wing attack aircraft built by Bethpage Aircraft Factory. In service with the APN and APMC between 1963 and 1997, the Intruder was designed as an all-weather medium attack aircraft to replace the piston-engined A-1/46.

In the early 1990s, the A-6E was upgraded to A-6F standard gaining new engines, avionics, and electronics. A specialized electronic warfare derivative, the EA-6/71 is also in service.