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Divisional Badge of the 51st (Highland) Division

A British-Pattern Infantry Division has an establishment strength of between ten-thousand troops.

The main combat component is put into four Companies (+ support Coy) per Battalion, two such Battalions per Regiment, two Regiments per Brigade, two Brigades per Division. Added to this are several Batteries of organic Artillery in three twenty-four gun Regiments, a Royal Engineers Battalion and a Recce Battalion.

Unlike OTL there is no Divisional MG Battalion, as the heavy Machine Guns have been made an organic part of the various Infantry Regiments.

Any given Division in the Commonwealth Armies usually has Corps elements attached, such as additional Artillery or Assault Guns and sometimes forms Regimental Battlegroups with other units in the same Corps though during World War Two this practice is usually confined the the Armoured Divisons.