The Cameroun Air Force (French: Armée de l'Air du Cameroun) is the air force of the African nation of Cameroun. The Cameroun Air Force, along with the Cameroun Army, the Cameroun Navy (including the Naval Infantry), the National Gendarmerie, and the Presidential Guard make up the Camerounian Armed Forces.

The Cameroun Air Force theoretically possesses a fairly well balanced force of relatively unsophisticated aircraft, although many of these are now ageing and serviceability levels are low. Emphasis is placed on transport and utility operations in support of ground forces. Combat capability is modest and restricted to a few armed trainers that can be used for ground attack, COIN and close air support roles. Cameroun's air arm lacks training aircraft and has also experienced a significant decline in transport assets. As with other regional air forces, few aircraft have been procured since the end of the oil boom in the early 1980s and the burden is beginning to show on equipment that is now at least two decades old.

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