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The "Bird"-class patrol vessels were a class of patrol vessels operated by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) during the early Cold War. The class derives its name from large birds found in Canada and was designed by the RCN as a replacement for the remaining World War II-era Fairmile motor launches used for coastal patrol. The Bird-class patrol vessels entered service in 1955 and were decommissioned throughout the early 1970s.

Unit Run[]

  • HMCS Loon (P C780)
  • HMCS Cormorant (P C781)
  • HMCS Blue Heron (P C782)
  • HMCS Mallard (P C783)
  • HMCS Arctic Tern (P C784)
  • HMCS Sandpiper (P C785)
  • HMCS Herring Gull (P C786)
  • HMCS Kingfisher (P C787)
  • HMCS Peregrine (P C788)
  • HMCS Eagle (P C789)