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Chūbu Province (Japanese: 中部州 Chūbushū) is one of the five provinces of the People's Republic of Japan. Chūbu Province includes about half of Japan's traditional Chūbu Region, including the former Imperial prefectures of Nagano, Niigata, Shizuoka, and Yamanashi. The capital of Chūbu Province is Niigata, and the province has an area of 38,390 km² and a population of 8,119,475.

Chūbu Province has borders with West Japan to the west, Tokyo Province and Kanto Province to the east, and Tohoku Province to the northeast, and includes both Pacific and Sea of Japan coastlines, extensive mountain resorts, and Mount Fuji. The region is the widest part of Honshū and the central part is characterized by high, rugged mountains. The Japanese Alps divide the country into the Pacific side, sunny in winter, and the Sea of Japan side, snowy in winter.