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Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring (D05) underway in 1952.

The Daring-class was a class of thirty-five destroyers built for the Royal Navy (RN), Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and Republic of China Navy (ROCN). Constructed after World War II, and entering service during the 1950s, seventeen ships were constructed for the RN and four for the RAN. Three of the RN destroyers were subsequently sold to and served in the Philippine Navy (HDP) with another two being sold to the Ecuadorian Navy. The Daring-class ships were both the largest and most heavily armed ships serving in Commonwealth navies to be classified as destroyers. They were also the last destroyers of the RN and RAN to possess guns as their main armament (instead of guided missiles).

The Daring-class destroyers were in service in the RN and RAN from the 1950s to the 1980s. Following decommissioning, two RN Daring-class vessels were sold to the HDP, which operated one ship until 1993 and the other until 2007. One ship of the class is preserved: HMAS Vampire as a museum ship at the Australian National Maritime Museum.


  • Type: Destroyer
  • Service Period: 1952-2007
  • Characteristics:
    • Length: 390 feet (118.87 meters)
    • Beam: 43 feet (13.11 meters)
    • Draft: 12 feet 9 inches (3.89 meters)
    • Displacement: 2,830 tons (Standard); 3,820 tons (Full Load)
  • Crew: 297
  • Propulsion: 2 x Foster Wheeler boilers, 2 x Parsons geared steam turbines, 54,000 shp (40,500 kWW)
  • Range: 4,400 nautical miles (8,149 kilometers) at 20 knots (37.04 km/h)
  • Speed: 30 knots (55.56 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite:
    • Type 293Q target indication RDF
    • Type 291 air warning RDF
    • Type 274 navigation RDF
    • Type 275 fire control RDF on Mk.VI fire director
    • Type 262 fire control RDF on CRBF fire director and STAAG Mk.II
  • Armament:
    • 6 x QF 4.5"/45-caliber Mk.V naval guns (3x2)
    • 6 x Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns (3x2)
    • 10 x 21" torpedo tubes (5x2)
    • 1 x Squid ASW mortar

Unit Run[]

Royal Navy[]

  • HMS Daring (D05)
  • HMS Danae (D06)
  • HMS Desire (D19)
  • HMS Diamond (D35) - transferred to Ecuadorian Navy in 1967, renamed BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro (D-02)
  • HMS Decoy (D40)
  • HMS Delight (D45)
  • HMS Defender (D47)
  • HMS Dervish (D73) - transferred to Ecuadorian Navy in 1967, renamed BAE Morán Valverde (D-01)
  • HMS Diana (D77)
  • HMS Demon (D81)
  • HMS Desperate (D87)
  • HMS Dragon (D106) - transferred to Philippine Navy in 1969, renamed BRP Datu Kalantiaw
  • HMS Dainty (D108)
  • HMS Dogstar (D117)
  • HMS Disdain (D119)
  • HMS Druid (D126) - transferred to Philippine Navy in 1969, renamed BRP Datu Sikatuna
  • HMS Duchess (D154) - transferred to Philippine Navy in 1970, renamed BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11)

Royal Australian Navy[]

  • HMAS Voyager (D04)
  • HMAS Vendetta (D08)
  • HMAS Vampire (D11)
  • HMAS Waterhen (D12)

Republic of China Navy[]

  • ROCS Fu Yang (DD-909)
  • ROCS Dang Yang (DD-910)
  • ROCS Chien Yang (DD-911)
  • ROCS Han Yang (DD-912)
  • ROCS Lao Yang (DD-913)
  • ROCS Liao Yang (DD-914)
  • ROCS Shen Yang (DD-915)
  • ROCS Kai Yang (DD-916)
  • ROCS Te Yang (DD-917)
  • ROCS Sheui Yang (DD-918)
  • ROCS Yun Yang (DD-919)
  • ROCS Chen Yang (DD-920)
  • ROCS Shao Yang (DD-921)
  • ROCS Tse Yang (DD-922)