The Dixieland People's Republic, usually called Dixieland or sometimes The South, is one of the ten constituent Republics of America, bordering the People's Republic of Appalachia to the north, the Democratic People's Republics of the Heartland to the northwest, and the Grand River Workers Union to the west. To the east of Dixieland is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south is the Caribbean Sea. Comprising the former US states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Dixieland has a population of 34,833,441 and an area of 943,124 km2 (364,140 mi2). Dixieland has a strong regional identity dating back to the First American Civil War and the Confederate States of America, and is traditionally a conservative stronghold in America; these aspects of Dixie culture have been stifled by the government of the UAPR.

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