The Ecuadorian Navy is responsible for the surveillance and protection of national maritime territory and has a personnel of 7,258 men to protect a coastline of 2,237 km which reaches far into the Pacific Ocean. The vessels are identified by the ship prefix B.A.E.: Buque de la Armada del Ecuador (Ship of the Ecuadorian Navy).

List of Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Condell-class guided missile frigate (2)
    • BAE Morán Valverde (FM-01)
    • BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro (FM-02)
  • Esmeraldas-class Guided Missile Corvette (6)
    • BAE Esmeraldas (CM-11)
    • BAE Manabí (CM-12)
    • BAE Los Rios (CM-13)
    • BAE El Oro (CM-14)
    • BAE Galápagos (CM-15)
    • BAE Loja (CM-16)
  • Quito-class Fast Attack Craft (3)
    • BAE Quito (LM-25)
    • BAE Guayaquil (LM-26)
    • BAE Cuenca (LM-27)
  • Type 209/1300 Submarine (2)
    • BAE Shyri (S101)
    • BAE Huancavilca (S102)
  • Guayas-class Sail Training Ship (1)
    • BAE Guayas (BE-21)
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