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The Entente-class frigate (in France) or Antanta-class frigate (in the Soviet Union) is a ship designed by DCNS/Armaris and Severnaya Verf to operate in anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, and be capable of carrying out deep strikes against land targets.

The French Navy and Soviet Navy each plan to operate 25 Entente-class ships, which will replace most other frigates in service with both navies. France's first ship, Entente, and the USSR's first ship, Antanta, were ordered in November 2012. The ships will be built in France by Armaris (owned by DCNS), and in the Soviet Union by Severnaya Verf.

Morocco has expressed interest in buying one or more Entente-class frigates.

Unit Run[]


Soviet Union[]

  • SVK Antanta
  • SVK Murmansk
  • SVK Krasnodar
  • SVK Voronezh
  • SVK Smolensk
  • SVK Orel
  • SVK Kursk
  • SVK Krasnoyarsk
  • SVK Irkutsk
  • SVK Chelyabinsk
  • SVK Tver
  • SVK Omsk
  • SVK Tomsk
  • SVK Belgorod
  • SVK Volgograd
  • SVK Barnaul
  • SVK Borisoglebsk
  • SVK Zelenograd
  • SVK Podolsk
  • SVK Orenburg
  • SVK Ryazan
  • SVK Novomoskovsk
  • SVK Podmoskovye
  • SVK Ekaterinburg
  • SVK Tula


  • Abdellah Ben Taâ Allah