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The following is a list of equipment of the Canadian Army.

Infantry weapons[]

Small Arms[]

Model Type Caliber Acquired Origin Notes
Sig Sauer P226 Semi-automatic pistol 9x19mm N/A Switzerland
Inglis P-35 Semi-automatic pistol 9x19mm 1944 Belgium/Canada
Benelli M4 Shotgun 12 gauge N/A Italy
C1A1 Battle rifle .280 British 1954 Belgium/Canada
C15 Grizzly Battle rifle .280 British 2014 Canada Being phased in.
C9 LMG Light machine gun .280 British 1986 Belgium Canadian designation for the FN MINIMI.
C6 GPMG General purpose machine gun .303 British 1978 Belgium Canadian designation for the FN MAG.
C10 HMG Heavy machine gun .50 BMG 1986 Belgium Canadian designation for the FN BRG-15.
C3A1 Sniper rifle .303 British N/A British Empire Being phased out.
C14 Timberwolf Sniper rifle .338 Lapua Magnum 2005 Canada

Explosive, rocket, and missile systems[]

Model Type Acquired Origin Notes
HG 85 Hand grenade 1986 Switzerland
M3 Carl Gustav Recoilless rifle 1988 Sweden
AT4 Shoulder-launched rocket 1984 Sweden
ERYX Anti-tank guided missile 1994 France/Canada