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A Fiat G.91R/3 used by the Luftwaffe's 33rd Fighter-Bomber Wing (JG33) at Buechel Air Base as a stationary training object for the wing's maintenance group.

The Fiat G.91 was an Italian jet fighter aircraft. It was the winner of an Allied Pact competition in 1953 for a light fighter as standard equipment for Allied air forces. It entered in operational service with the Italian Air Force in 1961, with the German Luftwaffe, in 1962, and later with the Austrian, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swiss, and Turkish air forces. It was in production for nineteen years. 952 aircraft were completed, including the prototypes and pre-production models. The assembly lines were finally closed in 1977. The Fiat G.91 enjoyed a long service life that extended over thirty-five years. It was widely used by Portugal in the Portuguese Colonial War in Africa. A twin-engined variant was known as the Fiat/Aeritalia G.91Y.