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The Gnevny-class were a group of destroyers built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1930s - early 1940s. They are sometimes known as the Gremyashchiy-class destroyer and the Official Soviet Designation was Project 7. These ships fought in World War II.

The design was produced with Italian assistance despite ideological differences between the Soviets and Fascist Italy. They resembled contemporary destroyers built in Italy for the Greek and Turkish navies.

They suffered from some of the same weaknesses of contemporary Italian ships with structural weakness and limited seaworthiness. There were also significant machinery problems in the earliest ships. The design flaws were apparent after trials of the first units in 1936/7 and production stopped after 30 ships. A modified design was then placed into production as the Type 7U.

Unit Run[]

Black Sea Fleet[]

  • SVK Bodry
  • SVK Bystry
  • SVK Bezuprechny
  • SVK Bditelny
  • SVK Boiky
  • SVK Bezposhchadny

Baltic Fleet[]

  • SVK Gnevny
  • SVK Gordy
  • SVK Gromky
  • SVK Grozny
  • SVK Gremyashchy
  • SVK Grozyashtchi
  • SVK Sokrushitelny
  • SVK Steregushchy
  • SVK Stremitelny

Pacific Fleet[]

  • SVK Reshitelnyy
  • SVK Rezvyy
  • SVK Ryanyy
  • SVK Rastoropnyy
  • SVK Redkiy
  • SVK Razyashchyy
  • SVK Retivyy
  • SVK Revnostnyy
  • SVK Razyaryonnyy
  • SVK Razumnyy
  • SVK Rekordnyy
  • SVK Rezkiy