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HMS Delhi (D47) was a Danae-class light cruiser that served with the Royal Navy in the Baltic and in World War II. She was laid down in 1917 (launched in 1919) and scrapped in 1948 after war service in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

In 1918-19 she served in the British campaign in the Baltic.

HMS Delhi was based at Malta at the time of the Spanish Civil War. The cruiser picked up refugees from Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Valencia where she was straddled by aerial bombs and by gunfire from the Nationalist heavy cruiser Canarias

In World War II she was initially assigned to operate in home waters, in the North Sea and off the Scandinavian coast. Here she captured the German merchant ship Rheingold, and intercepted the German merchant ship Mecklenburg east of Iceland. The Mecklenburg's crew scuttled her before she could be captured.

On October 6, 1939, Delhi was part of the 2nd Blockade Group which was stationed at the Skagerrak Strait.[1]