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HMS Implacable (R86) was the first ship of the ten Implacable-class aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy.


Construction and Commissoning[]

Implacable was laid down at the Fairfield Shipuilding & Engineering Company in Govan, Scotland on February 21st, 1938. Implacable was then launched on December 10th, 1940 and would be commissioned on August 28th, 1941 with Captain Lachlan Mackintosh in command.

Pacific War[]

In March 1942, Implacable along with Indefatigable, and Illustrious were assigned to join the British Pacific Fleet arriving after Force Z.[1]

Implacable, along with several other RN carriers, would soon after be involved in bombing the Japanese base on Truk.[2]

In late 1942, Implacable would be involved in the Battle of the Java Sea.[3]


After the end of the war, Implacable was decommissioned and placed into reserve in 1947. In 1952, she was brought out of mothballs for modernization. After a three-year overhaul, Implacable was sold to the Royal Indian Navy, where she served as HMIS Vikramaditya from 1955 to 1980. After decommissioning, she was returned to Britain and made into a museum ship in Liverpool in 1983.