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HMS Indomitable (R92) was a modified Illustrious-class aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy. The Illustrious-class was developed in the 1935 Naval Programme. Originally planned to be the fourth of the class, she was redesigned with a combat information center as well as deck edge lifts instead of centerline lifts.


Construction and Commissioning[]

Indomitable was laid down by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow-in-Furness, on April 10th 1937, as war loomed ever closer. She was launched on August 25th, 1939 and commissioned on June 10th, 1940. She was christened by Clementine Churchill.

European Theatre[]

Pacific Theatre[]

In mid 1942, Indomitable was assigned to the British Pacific Fleet and took part in an attack on the Japanese base on Truk alongside several other RN carriers.[1]

In late 1942, Indomitable was part of the Allied naval forces involved in the Battle of the Java Sea.[2]

In early-mid 1943, Indomitable was assigned to Battlegroup Able-Two-Seven along with the carriers Furious, Illustrious, Formidable, Implacable, Invincible, Melbourne and Rodney would attack Japanese positions on Borneo.[3]