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The crest of the HMS Thunderchild.

The HMS Thunderchild (DN 25) is a Lion-class battleship in the Royal Navy named after the heavy cruiser HMS Thunderchild which was sunk defending evacuee transports during the Battle of Hong Kong.

In 1983, the Thunderchild was part of the forces sent to retake the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War. It along with its sister ship, HMS Dreadnought, were responsible for sinking the General Belgrano and Nueve de Julio.

In 2012, it was stationed in Canada at RCNB Sept-Iles along with the supercarrier HMS Formidable, guided missile cruiser Excelsior, destroyers Hotspur and Fearless, frigates Euryalus and Battleaxe, submarine Audacity, and fleet tankers Wave Knight and Wave Rider.