Hamgyeong is one of Korea's eight provinces, located in the country's northeast bordering Manchuria. The provincial capital of Hamgyeong is Hamheung; the name Hamgyeong is derived from the names of Hamheung and Gyeongseong. The province was formed in 1413 and gained its current name in 1509. In 1895, the province was replaced by the Districts of Gyeongseong in the northeast, Gapsan in the northwest, and Hamheung in the south. In 1896, Gyeongseong District was reorganized into North Hamgyeong Province, and Gapsan and Hamheung Districts were reorganized into South Hamgyeong Province. North and South Hamgyeong Provinces were merged in 1948, while Raseon was detached and became a Special City in 1993.

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