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"The navy, as it represents a necessary weapon for Greece, should only be created for war and aim to victory."
—Greek Government, 1866

The Hellenic Navy (HN) (Greek: Πολεμικό Ναυτικό, Polemikó Naftikó, abbreviated ΠΝ) is the naval force of Greece, part of the Greek Armed Forces. The modern Greek navy has its roots in the naval forces of various Aegean Islands, which fought in the Greek War of Independence. During the periods of monarchy (1833–1924 and 1936–1973) it was known as the Royal Hellenic Navy (Greek: Βασιλικόν Πολεμικό Ναυτικό, Vasilikón Polemikó Naftikó, abbreviated ΒΠΝ).

The motto of the Hellenic Navy is "Μέγα το της Θαλάσσης Κράτος" from Thucydides' account of Pericles' oration on the eve of the Peloponnesian War. This has been roughly translated as "Great is the country that controls the sea". The Hellenic Navy's emblem consists of an anchor in front of a crossed Christian cross and trident, with the cross symbolizing Greek Orthodoxy, and the trident symbolizing Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology. Pericles' words are written across the top of the emblem.

List of Vessels[]

  • Type 520 LCU (7)
    • EA Ios (L166)
    • EA Paros (L167)
    • EA Sikinos (L168)
    • EA Irakleia (L169)
    • EA Pholegandros (L170)
    • EA Naxos (L171)
    • EA Serifos (L172)
  • Jason-class tank landing ship (5)
    • EA Chios (L173)
    • EA Samos (L174)
    • EA Ikaria (L175)
    • EA Lesvos (L176)
    • EA Rodos (L177)
  • Zubr-class LCAC (4)
    • EA Cephalonia (L178)
    • EA Ithaca (L179)
    • EA Corfu (L180)
    • EA Zakynthos (L181)
  • Kortenaer-class frigate (10)
    • EA Elli (F-450)
    • EA Limnos (F-451)
    • EA Adrias (F-452)
    • EA Aigaion (F-453)
    • EA Navarinon (F-454)
    • EA Kountouriotis (F-455)
    • EA Bouboulina (F-456)
    • EA Kanaris (F-457)
    • EA Themistoklis (F-458)
    • EA Nikiforos Fokas (F-459)
  • Hydra-class frigate (7)
    • EA Hydra (F-460)
    • EA Spetsai (F-461)
    • EA Psara (F-462)
    • EA Salamis (F-463)
    • EA Makedonia (F-464)
    • EA Thraki (F-465)
    • EA Ipiros (F-466)
  • Type 209 Submarine (8)
    • EA Glavkos (S112)
    • EA Nireus (S113)
    • EA Triton (S114)
    • EA Proteus (S115)
    • EA Poseidon (S116)
    • EA Amfitriti (S117)
    • EA Okeanos (S118)
    • EA Pontos (S119)
  • Type 214 Submarine (6)
    • EA Papanikolis (S120)
    • HS Pipinos (S121)
    • EA Matrozos (S122)
    • EA Katsonis (S123)
    • EA Unnamed (S124)
    • EA Unnamed (S125)
  • Luneburg-class Replenishment Vessel (2)
    • EA Axios
    • EA Aliakmon
  • Pandora-class Transport Ship (2)
    • EA Pandora
    • EA Pandrosos