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Hiroshima Prefecture (広島県 Hiroshima-ken) is a prefecture of Japan (and after World War II, West Japan) located in the Chūgoku region on Honshu island. The capital is the city of Hiroshima. It has a population of nearly 2.6 million people.


Hiroshima's main industries include automobiles (Mazda is headquartered there) and shipbuilding (Kure was one of the main naval bases of the Imperial Japanese Navy and remains a major commercial yard).


Hiroshima prefecture lies in the middle of Chūgoku. Most of the prefecture consists of mountains leading towards Shimane Prefecture; and rivers produce rich plains near the coast.

The province faces Shikoku across the Seto Inland Sea. Hiroshima Bay opens on the Inland Sea. The prefecture also includes many small islands.

The sheltered nature of the Inland Sea makes Hiroshima's climate very mild.

As of 1 April 2014, 4% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks (the lowest percentage of any prefecture), namely Setonaikai National Park; Hiba-Dōgo-Taishaku and Nishi-Chūgoku Sanchi Quasi-National Parks; and six Prefectural Natural Parks.


  • Akitakata
  • Etajima
  • Fuchū
  • Fukuyama

  • Hatsukaichi
  • Higashihiroshima
  • Hiroshima (capital)
  • Kure

  • Mihara
  • Miyoshi
  • Onomichi

  • Ōtake
  • Shōbara
  • Takehara

Towns and Villages[]

  • Aki District
    • Fuchū
    • Kaita
    • Kumano
    • Saka

  • Jinseki District
    • Jinsekikōgen
  • Sera District
    • Sera

  • Toyota District
    • Ōsakikamijima
  • Yamagata District
    • Akiōta
    • Kitahiroshima