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The Hsian JH-7 is a 4th generation tandem two-seat, twin-engine fighter-bomber in service with the People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLANAF), and the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

The first JH-7s were delivered to the PLANAF in the mid-1990s for evaluation, with the improved JH-7A entering service in 2004.


  • JH-7: Initial production version of the PLANAF anti-shipping fighter-bomber.
  • JH-7A: Later production utilizing composite structure to reduce weight, improved flying control system and improved avionics including the JL10A Shan Ying J-band Pulse-Doppler radar. Weapon loads increased by the addition of two more wing hardpoints and two hardpoints under the intake trunking for mission pods such as targeting pods.
  • JH-7B: New variant, with upgraded avionics, WS-9A engines with 15% more thrust (14,100 lbf dry and 23,600 lbf on afterburners), in flight refueling, upgraded mission computer, full authority digital fly-by-wire system, and greater use of composite materials.