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British mine countermeasures vessel HMS Atherstone (M38) seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour on October 5th, 2011.

The Hunt-class is a class of thirteen mine countermeasure vessels of the Royal Navy. As built, they combined the separate roles of the traditional minesweeper and that of the active minehunter in one hull. They have a secondary role as offshore patrol vessels.

Unit Run[]

Royal Navy[]

  • HMS Brecon (M29)
  • HMS Ledbury (M30)
  • HMS Cattistock (M31)
  • HMS Cottesmore (M32)
  • HMS Brocklesby (M33)
  • HMS Middleton (M34)
  • HMS Dulverton (M35)
  • HMS Bicester (M36)
  • HMS Chiddingfold (M37)
  • HMS Atherstone (M38)
  • HMS Hurworth (M39)
  • HMS Berkeley (M40)
  • HMS Quorn (M41)

Hellenic Navy[]

  • HS Europa (M62)
  • HS Kallisto (M63)

Lithuanian Naval Forces[]

  • Skalvis (M53)
  • Kuršis (M54)