The RM Impavido (D570) underway during exercise Distant Drum on may 19th, 1983.

The Impavido-class were the second group of destroyers built for the Regia Marina (RM) after World War II and the first Italian Guided Missile destroyers.

Similar in performance to the British County-class, these ships were essentially improved Impetuoso-class vessels, with the after gun-turret being replaced by a Sea Cat and Sea Slug AAM launcher and associated radar. Apart from the same main armament as that of the 'Adams', the emphasis of the weaponry was focused on anti-aircraft equipment, so the secondary armament was a battery of 76mm automatic guns fitted midships. The 127mm guns remained. Torpedoes were the same as the wartime Mk.XI, while the County-class had the newer Mk.21 which covered all the horizon thanks to their disposition, fore and aft.

These ships were important because they represented the first missile destroyers in the RM and lasted in service for many years, even if they had not had any important update (making them progressively obsolescent). A characteristic of these ships were the superstructures, having a much less clean layout than other classes, with a double line of windows in the main turrion, similar to the Circe and Alpino-class frigates.

Both ships were retired in 1991.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • RM Impavido (D570)
  • RM Intrepido (D571)
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