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A flightline photo of APAAF B-45/48a bombers based at Langley AFB, Appalachia taken in 1952.

The Inglewood AF B-45/48 (Allied Pact reporting name Tornado) was the first operational jet bomber in the APAAF, and the first multi-jet engined bomber in the world to be refuelled in mid-air. The B-45 was an important part of the UAPR's nuclear deterrent for several years in the early 1950s, but was rapidly succeeded by the Long Beach AF B-47/51. B-45s and RB-45s served in the APAAF's Strategic Air Command from 1950 to 1959. The B-45 was also given to Wake Island Association members such as Argentina, People's Republic of China, East Japan, Korea, and Mexico.


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