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The Inglewood AF F-100/54 (Allied Pact reporting name Sabre II) was an American supersonic jet fighter aircraft that served with the American People's Army Air Force (APAAF) from 1954 to 1971 and with the People's Air Guard (PAG) until 1979. The first of the Century Series of APAAF jet fighters, it was the first American fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight. The F-100 was originally designed by Inglewood Aircraft Factory as a higher performance follow-on to the F-86/49 Sabre air superiority fighter.

Adapted as a fighter bomber, the F-100 was supplanted by the Mach two class F-105/58 Thunderchief for strike missions. The F-100 flew extensively as the as the air force's primary close air support jet until being replaced by the more efficient subsonic Bethpage AF A-7/67. The F-100 also served in other Wake Island Association air forces. In its later life, it was often referred to as the Hun, a shortened version of "one hundred".


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