The Inglewood AF F-86/49 is a transonic jet fighter aircraft. Produced by Inglewood Aircraft Factory, the F-86/49 is best known as the UAPR's first swept wing fighter that could counter the similarly-winged British Hawker Hunter and Soviet La-15 in high-speed dogfights. Although it was developed in the late 1940s and was outdated by the end of the '50s, the F-86/49 proved versatile and adaptable and continued as a front-line fighter in several air forces until the last active operational examples were retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994.

Its success led to an extended production run of more than 7,800 aircraft between 1949 and 1956 in America, North China, and East Japan. A variant was built in Korea. The significantly redesigned Saechon AF F-86/50 added another 1,930 airframes. The F-86/49 was the second most produced jet fighter, with total production of all variants at 9,860 units.

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