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The Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) (Arabic: القوة الجوية العراقية; Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya) is the aerial warfare service branch of the Iraqi Armed Forces, responsible for the policing of international borders and surveillance of national assets. The IQAF also acts as a support force for the Iraqi Navy and the Iraqi Army and it allows Iraq to rapidly deploy its developing Army.

Aircraft Inventory[]

Combat Aircraft[]

Ground Attack Aircraft[]



  • UAPR Flag Small.png SAMA CH2000 x 16 (Liaison Aircraft)
  • Soviet Flag Small.png Antonov An-3
  • Australia Flag Small.png Seabird SB7L-360A Seeker x 2 (Observation/Liaison Aircraft)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png Wichita AF SKA-350/05 x 12 (Surveillance Aircraft)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png Wichita AF C208/84 x 8 (Ground Surveillance/Strike Aircraft)

Transport Aircraft[]


Trainer Aircraft[]