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The Irish Army is the ground component of the Irish Defense Force with approximately 28,000 active duty personnel and 16,400 reserve personnel. Since 1958 the Army has had a continuous presence in peacekeeping missions around the world as well as its maintaining its primary roles of defending the State and internal security within the State. The Irish Army uses a variety of equipment from around the world from various places including the British Empire, Canada, Japan, the ROC, and South Africa among others.

Equipment Used[]


  • AS-90 (Self-Propelled Artillery)
  • Aardvark JSFU (Mine flail)
  • Bandvagn Bv206 (Air Defense)
  • Bobcat (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
  • FV101 Scorpion (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
  • CM-32 Clouded Leopard (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
  • Mowag Piranha (APC, Command Vehicle, Armoured Ambulance, Recovery Vehicle, Recce)
  • Rooikat (Infantry Support Vehicle)
  • Scania AB (General Transport Truck)
  • Type 90 Kyū-maru (Main Battle Tank)