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The Japanese People's Naval Self-Defense Force (JPNSDF; Japanese: 日本の人民海軍自衛隊 Nihon no Jinmin Kaigun Jieitai), unofficially called the East Japanese Navy (Japanese: 東日本海軍 Higashinihon Kaigun), is the naval branch of the Japanese People's Self-Defense Forces (JPSDF), tasked with the naval defense of East Japan. It was formed following the re-establishment of military forces in East Japan, on March 1st 1956. The JPNSDF has a medium-sized fleet and its main tasks are to maintain control of the nation's sea lanes and to patrol territorial waters.


The JPNSDF was formed on March 1st, 1956 in response to the formation of the Republic of Japan Navy in 1952. The first ships transferred over were two Atlanta-class cruisers, ten destroyers (two Gleaves-class, two Fletcher-class, and six Gearing-class), eighteen Tacoma-class frigates, and ten submarines (four Gato-class and six Tench-class).

List of Ships[]