The Korean People's Marine Corps is the marine corps of Korea. Though theoretically it is under the direction of the Korean Chief of Naval Operations, the Korean People's Marine Corps operates as a distinct arm of the Korean Armed Forces, unlike the marine corps of most other countries, which generally operate as part of a navy.

The marine corps, with 29,000 personnel, is organized into two divisions and one brigade under the Marine Corps Command. After the bombardment of YeonPyeong, KPMC commander also holds the commander position of the NWIDC (North Western Island Defence Command). 1st Marine Division can operate in sea, air, land, with specializing its three infantry battalions under single regiment to Airborne/Amphibious Assault/Ranger. Furthermore, ROKMC's Recon units (2 x Reconnaissance Battalions and 1 x Reconnaissance Company) hold various special warfare trainings like scuba and parachuting.

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