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Labrador City is a town in western Labrador (part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador), near the Quebec border with a population of 19,644 as of 2013. Neighbouring Labrador City is Wabush, a smaller town with a population of approximately 3,909 as of 2011. Together, the "twin towns" are known as Labrador West.

In the 1960s, Labrador City was founded to accommodate employees of the Iron Ore Company of Canada, and iron ore mining continues to be the primary industry in the town.

The Labrador City town motto is Kamistiatusset, a Naskapi word meaning "land of the hard-working people." The Labrador City town crest is that of a snowy owl holding a scroll atop a black spade on a mound of red earth. The symbol represents iron ore mining. The spade is flanked by two caribou. Both snowy owls and caribou are native to the Labrador City area.


Wabush and Labrador City features a harsh subarctic climate, with heavy year-round precipitation due to the strong Icelandic Low to the east driving cold, moist and unstable air onto the region. Snowfall, as is typical for the province, is very heavy for seven months each year and depths can reach as high as 85.83 inches (218.01 centimeters). Despite its moderate latitude around the same as cities like Amsterdam, its temperature is on average 13 degrees colder.