The Leander-class, or Type 12I frigate, was among the most numerous and long-lived classes of frigate in the Royal Navy's modern history. The class was built in three batches between 1959 and 1973. It had an unusually high public profile, due to the popular Warship BBC television drama series.

The Leander design or derivatives of it were also built for other navies. In addition to the Royal Navy and its branch the Royal Indian Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy, Chilean Navy and Ecuadorian Navy operated Leander-class ships, while the Royal Netherlands Navy and Indonesian Navy's Van Speijk-class and the Royal Australian Navy's River-class were based on the Leander-class design.


Royal NavyEdit

  • HMS Aurora (F10)
  • HMS Achilles (F12)
  • HMS Euryalus (F15)
  • HMS Diomede (F16)
  • HMS Galatea (F18)
  • HMS Cleopatra (F28)
  • HMS Arethusa (F38)
  • HMS Naiad (F39)
  • HMS Sirius (F40)
  • HMS Phoebe (F42)
  • HMS Minerva (F45)
  • HMS Danae (F47)
  • HMS Juno (F52)
  • HMS Argonaut (F56)
  • HMS Andromeda (F57)
  • HMS Hermione (F58)
  • HMS Jupiter (F60)
  • HMS Bacchante (F69)
  • HMS Apollo (F70)
  • HMS Scylla (F71)
  • HMS Ariadne (F72)
  • HMS Charybdis (F75)
  • HMS Dido (F104)
  • HMS Leander (F109)
  • HMS Ajax (F114)
  • HMS Penelope (F127)

Royal Indian NavyEdit

Flight IEdit
  • HMIS Nilgiri
  • HMIS Himgiri
  • HMIS Udaygiri
  • HMIS Dunagiri
  • HMIS Taragiri
  • HMIS Vindhyagiri
Flight IIEdit
  • HMIS Zulfiqar
  • HMIS Shamsher
  • HMIS Siaf
  • HMIS Aslat
  • HMIS Harbah
  • HMIS Siqqat

Royal New Zealand NavyEdit

  • HMNZS Waikato
  • HMNZS Canterbury
  • HMNZS Wellington
  • HMNZS Southland

Chilean NavyEdit

  • BAC Almirante Condell
  • BAC Almirante Lynch
  • BAC General Baquedano
  • BAC Ministro Zenteno

Ecuadorian NavyEdit

  • BAE Eloy Alfaro
  • BAE Morán Valverde
  • BAE Guyas
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