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An aft view of the APNS Midway in 1965.

The Midway-class amphibious assault ships of the American People's Navy were the first amphibious assault ships designed and built as dedicated helicopter carriers, capable of operating up to 20 helicopters to carry up to 1,800 marines ashore. They were named for battles featuring the American People's Navy and Marine Corps, starting with the Battle of Midway. The first ship of the class was commissioned in 1961, and the last was decommissioned in 2002. Because these ships bore the hull classification of LPH they have often been referred to as "Landing Platform, Helicopter".

The Midway-class is likely this timeline's equivalent to the OTL Iwo Jima-class LPHs.

Unit Run[]

American People's Navy[]

  • APNS Midway (LPH-02)
  • APNS Wake Island (LPH-03)
  • APNS Santa Cruz (LPH-04)
  • APNS Okinawa (LPH-05)
  • APNS Guadalcanal (LPH-06)
  • APNS Iwo Jima (LPH-07)
  • APNS Savo Island (LPH-08)
  • APNS Guam (LPH-09)

Argentine People's Armada[]

  • ARA Cabo San Antonio
  • ARA Bahía San Blas
  • ARA Cándido de Lasala

Japanese People's Naval Self-Defense Force[]

  • JPS Ashizuri
  • JPS Ootomari

Mexican Navy[]

  • ARM Anáhuac (LPH-01)
  • ARM Acalan (LPH-02)

Republic of Iran Navy[]

  • RIS Astarachay (L01)
  • RIS Shahrood (L02)